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Wednesday, 2019-02-20

Permanent exhibition in the Hölderlinturm

The Permanent Exhibition

The Permanent Exhibition was arranged by the “Arbeitsstelle für Literarische Museen, Archive und Gedenkstätten in Baden-Württemberg”, Marbach and, together with the redesigned house, ceremoniously opened in January 1985. Its three sections offer a survey of Hölderlin’s student years in the Tübingen “Stift” (1788 – 1793), his second stay in Tübingen in the “Clinikum”, and at Zimmer’s in the tower (1807 – 1843), as well as of the fate and effect of his work to the present day.

Room I
Contemporary descriptions and representations of the city of Tübingen and of the “Stift” (Protestant Seminary). Hölderlin’s official school documents. Letters of the student to his family. Material concerning his friendship with other Seminary students (Magenau, Neuffer), with men of letters whom he admired (Schubart), and with his benefactors (Stäudlin, Schiller).

Room II
Prescriptions and bills dating from Hölderlin’s stay in the “Clinikum”. Contemporary descriptions of the “Clinikum” and of “Hölderlin’s Tower”. Letters and receipts from Ernst Zimmer to Hölderlin’s mother and to his official guardian, Burk. Autographs of Hölderlin’s last poems as well as copies of them made by Mörike.
Documents regarding visitors in the tower (Karl Mayer, Mörike, Waiblinger). Hölderlin as the “insane poet” in the literature of the 19th century. The first editions from 1826 and 1846.

Room III
The beginnings of research work on Hölderlin and the first historical-critical editions (Hellingrath, Zinkernagel). The history of the Stuttgart Edition. Documents regarding the Hölderlin Archives and the Hölderlin Society during the war and after 1947. Material concerning the Frankfurt Edition. Current examples of Hölderlin’s influence on modern day literature.
Materials available
A cronicle of Hölderlins life and work “Friedrich Hölderlin. 20. März 1770 bis 7. Juni 1843“,
“Hölderlin in Tübingen”. By Werner Volke. Marbacher Magazin 11/1978. Marbach a. N.: Deutsche Schillergesellschaft 42001 [with a list of the exhibits]

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