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Saturday, 2015-01-31

The Hölderlin Society


The Hölderlin Society was founded in 1943 in Tübingen. It was organized in its present form in 1946/47 with the goal of deepening an understanding of the work of Friedrich Hölderlin and promoting the research and exhibition of his work, his person, and his time. It has members among enthusiasts and scholars both in Germany and abroad.

The Hölderlin Society has four centres of activity: Biennial meetings lasting several days and held alternately in Tübingen and in other cities offer its members the opportunity to participate in the open exchange of ideas and information between researchers, artists and the public. With its publications (Yearbook and Series), the Society supports research and helps transmit its latest results.

It administers the Hölderlin House on behalf of the University Town of Tübingen; care of other Hölderlin memorial sites is an additional task of no less importance. Finally, the society promotes the scientific Hölderlin editions and maintains close contact with the Hölderlin Archives. The Hölderlin Society is an incorporated, non-profit organization under public law with its legal domicile in Tübingen. Representatives from government agencies and institutions, scholars, publicists, and artists who have rendered outstanding services to Hölderlin´s work are appointed to an Advisory Committee which assists an elected board headed by its president.

Membership in the Hölderlin Society is open to all interested persons and parties. For an annual fee of 40,- € (schoolchildren and students: 15,- €, institutions: 60,-/80,- €), members receive the biennial Yearbook. They also receive a discount for publications (the Society´s printings, the Stuttgart Hölderlin Edition, the Hölderlin Bibliography) ordered through the Society as well as for its special events and activities. Members are admitted to »Hölderlin´s Tower« free of charge.